A Special Letter for Blog Visitor

Vintage Mail Maker
Blog Visitor

Dear Tanya,
One week without you is like one moment without air, like one day without food and a week without water.
One week without you is like a month without sunshine or shelter.
One week without your voice is like a year absent the sound of music, or of birds, or of rain and thunder.
One week without your comfort is a week without sleep, for my heart knows no rest, and my nights give no peace.
One week without your love, and my days are empty of beauty; though I see about me everywhere others whom are called beautiful, none of them compare with your visage as I gaze at your photo.
One week without speaking with you is like years alone in the wilderness or a deserted island; though I may talk with people on the streets, my soul has no communion.
One week without you is like a year in a prison; though I may come and go as I please, my soul knows no freedom.
One week without you in my life is like no life at all!
I love you forever,