About Us was started by a guy named Ben and its operations are based out of New York City.

It began when Ben recieved a letter in the mail from his friend Jodie, was a person with a passion for art, old photography, nostalgia and the sentimental things in life.

Understanding what an impression that letter made on him, Ben thought it would be great if he could do the same through the means of a website... to create the same nostalgic, artistic look and feel of a vintage letter and envelope and have it delivered the old fashioned way - through postal mail.

He got together with some of his technology pals and friends who all loved the idea and started working to build the site and that's how it began! is here to help people express their most meaningful sentiment throught the use of vintage stationary making your letters memorable again!

We hope you and your loved one enjoy our letters!


Ben & Friends


  • Pick a vintage style font, envelope and paper and then write your letter.

    We will deliver your letter by U.S. or International post mail or you can send an electronic version.

    Our unique service will be sure to make a lasting impression on those who receive your letter.

    Add a bit of romance or nostalgia to any message by sending it with Vintage Mail Maker!



  • • Delivery, and on time
  • • Great gift for girlfriends
  • • Great gift for wives
  • • Great gift for mothers
  • • Great gift for grandmas
  • • and for guys too!
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 Thursday, January 21, 2021
January 2021
*Your letter will be placed in a Government Certified U.S Postal mailbox within 24-48hrs business days from your purchase. (For over-night delivery please contact 


  • "This website is awesome! ...I'll use this to send fun letters to my friends : )" - Megan

  • "I love it! I think that letters with the steam punk movement and speak easy revival will make a huge comeback. I aspire to be better at letter writing. Very romantic." - Hannah

  • "How lovely this is. what a nice idea!" - Noelle

  • "This style of sending a letter is realy cool. Thank you for this!" - Natasa

  • "I love this. It's awesome. I totally love the nostalgia factor. And the site brings it into a whole new digital arena. I love it. Super cool stuff." - J. hathaway